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July 24, 2005 at 5:40 pm 1 comment

What a way to spend a morning! MidnightSkyFibers, nederlass, stariel (and her very patient boyfriend), baa bonney belle and carrym all met at Starbucks (it’s Seattle…where else do people meet?) and headed out for a wonderful yarn trip. (Oh fine…you want real names? That’s Jen, MJ, Ariel, Sherril and Carry respectively.) Unfortunately, my total lack of self-control was laid bare in public this time. But I blame the girls – they are just WAY to enabling. Enablers! Ennnnnnnaaaaablers!

So at Weaving Works I did this damage (it could have been worse).
Of course…Koigu. The green is destined for a new Cascading Leaves pair (with purple reinforced heels – stariel and carrym were insistent). The Fixation is going to be my Broadripple socks. The blue stuff…eh…who knows. But isn’t it sooooooo purty?

And then we trekked to Hilltop. I prayed to every deity I know that I wouldn’t get lost as I led the way. Thankfully my feeble brain managed to get us there in relatively short order. 🙂
Rowan Tweed 4-ply was 40% off and when midnightskyfibers pointed out it would work perfectly for a Flower Basket Shawl, well obviously the stars were aligning and I was forced…FORCED I say…to buy 10 balls in a nice heathered violet. And now that my sock yarn Clap is deader than Gary Busey’s career I needed 3 more skeins of Kersti to make a new Clapotis.

*sigh* In the interest of full disclosure I also picked up a couple of patterns and a needle felting pad and needles. Just what I need…another craft.
KB misc

But the day wasn’t really about what I got…it was who I met. What a diverse and fabulous group of ladies. I love how something simple like knitting can be just the right common thread that can bring people together. I sincerely hope these little gatherings will become a regular event (not that my wallet can handle that.) So thank you dear ladies. You are the best!


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Karma really does work. Who knew?! Sherril and Jen made me do it!

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  • 1. Baa Bonny Belle  |  July 25, 2005 at 5:44 am

    (giggle, laugh, giggle) Stop that, you are too funny. If Gary Busey’s career is as dead as your sock yarn Clap, why do I keep seeing him on the t.v.? (giggle) That means your Clap will rise again? Sorry, just had to (I’m still laughing over here, must be late or something, DH is clearing throat. A signal to get to bed and stop laughing?) Great post…


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