Looks can be deceiving

July 26, 2005 at 2:38 pm 1 comment

The following pictures may lead you to think, “Oh look, Suzanne can sew!” Well, let me assure you that I haven’t developed a new talent (or God forbid a new craft.)

Hmmm…what could this be? Well…it’s either the wackiest psychedelic burrito ever or…
case closed

It’s my new needle case!
case open

Yes, dear friends, I made this with my very own hands. Ok…I used a sewing machine. And my mother. But still…I helped! Mom is, sadly, more anal retentive than I am. So this measley little case (It’s actually pretty damn wide) took almost 3 hours to make! But once we figured out how to sew the lining so we’d have pretty seams and got those stripes to line up it went pretty quickly.

So here are my lessons learned from my sewing adventures (I’m sure all you expert sewers are laughing at the simple case being an “adventure” to me):

1) Don’t line a needle case with upholstery fabric. After all, how thick does this thing need to be?
2) Don’t buy half a yard of striped fabric and then realize it’s not “tall” enough so that you have to cut it in half and sew it together top to bottom because stripes are oh-so-fun to line up.
3) Do think through how your pocket and lining need to be sewn BEFORE you sew in the lining. That way you won’t have to rip out the lining seams when you realize you should have done the pocket first.
4) Don’t gather two anal-retentive women (who happen to be related and love each other dearly in that you-drive-me-crazy kind of way) to make a simple needle case. It’s the perfect set up for phrases like:
—“oh…just let me do it” and
—“we don’t need 40 pins for that seam!” and the ever popular
—“It doesn’t need to be PERFECT” leading to “I can’t believe you said that! It needs to be nice.”

After all of that I can’t believe that I’m actually looking forward to making my next one. But my DPNs are getting out of control and I think a second case is on my project list. I just need to recover from this first one.

(Psst…if you guessed it was a burrito – you were SO wrong. And really…you probably need a visit to the optometrist.)


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Sherril and Jen made me do it! Regis, I’d like to use my lifeline.

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  • 1. rawsugar  |  May 9, 2007 at 9:08 am

    oh this is perfect! i need to make one for my boyfriend. he’s studying fine arts and he needs a case for his paintbrushes. 🙂

    oh yeah, i found your wordpress thru craftster 😀


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