The Grill has spoken.

August 9, 2005 at 2:21 pm 4 comments

As many of you may understand, my husband is a student of the School of Weber. We have a gas grill that plugs directly into our gas line at the house (yes, he outfitted the house with a special grill gas nozzle.) Needless to say, my DH sits at the window like a forlorn cat during the winter desperately looking for the first sign of grilling season.

But at the School of Weber, I think my husband is the kid that gets sent to the principal’s office all the time. Last night he decided that even though we had no food we’d traditionally grill he wanted to grill anyway. *sigh* Of course.

So here are some lessons learned from my husband’s evening of Experimental Grilling 101. (I’m giving him an incomplete that he’ll have a month to make up.)

OK to grill:
– zucchini
– Garden burgers
– Stale french bread with olive oil. That was a winner hon and the reason I didn’t fail you.

NOT OK to grill:
– Frozen taquitos from Costco. Did you have to do the WHOLE bag?
– Soy chicken nuggets. Ummm…they’re NUGGETS! THAT’S why they keep falling through the grates.
– 3-year-old frozen halibut you dug up from the back of the freezer.
– Pound cake. You could have at least cleaned the gunky fish residue off the grill first.

And “the dog likes it” is NOT the level of culinary acceptability we strive for. So my dear husband, this is definitely a “See me after class” situation. And by the way, putting Tabasco in EVERYTHING isn’t getting you any extra credit.


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Well, I need to work out my Lace Leaf/FBS frustrat… Going Psychadelic!

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  • 1. Amy Boogie  |  August 9, 2005 at 8:42 pm

    Really how do you know it’s not good unless you try it?

    We grill in the snow. Just shovel out an area and go for it.

  • 2. Baa Bonny Belle  |  August 10, 2005 at 3:18 pm

    (laughing so hard I’m falling off my seat) Stop it Suzanne. You are too damn funny. You’ve got a Tabasco guy too. I think my dh has burnt his taste buds years ago and can’t taste anything without dumping a hot sauce on it.

    Time to stock the freezer with “grillable” thinks and knit him a bbq hat and mitts with a matching knit apron. 🙂 Tell him it’s “ok” to grill in the winter…as long as it is on the “grillable” list.

  • 3. sharlync  |  August 10, 2005 at 9:43 pm

    That’s too funny! I think baa bonny belle is right, stock the freezer with grillable things or else you’re going to end up with something like ice cream on the grill…you know, “just experimenting”.

  • 4. Knit-Elation  |  August 24, 2005 at 5:22 pm

    I am sooo very glad that he did not get a hold of Jessica “Salmon”! I don’t think that is what they mean when they say “wood smoked”. Ya know colored pencils are only really good for a few things … coloring, and well of course pretending like they are people for the sake of a silly joke!

    You are such a great writer, this is hilarious! I am not letting my hubby read this post just in case he gets any ideas!

    Hugs, (K-E)


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