Sunday WIP

August 21, 2005 at 5:31 pm Leave a comment

Sometimes I think that all my good habits I use at work, therefore all that’s left for hobbies are my bad habits. For example…starting things and not finishing before I start something new. But progress is being made…

Nearing the end of ball 1. It looks like I’ll get about 10 inches of scarf out of it. This thing is just getting heavier and heavier. I’m starting to think about frogging and doing the pattern in sock yarn instead. But the color is so pretty and the yarn is sooooo soft…
…and did I mention how I feel about frogging? THIS pretty much sums it up.

My constant battle against Second Sock Syndrome continues. I’ve cast on for the mate to my Angel’s Rest sock. So this doesn’t really count as a new project, right?

And I’ve been making these:
The upper left and bottom right are pastels with dark brown. I love combining brown with pastels. But the pic doesn’t really show it off. Oh…for the lady that asked, I’m using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. Really soft and quick to knit.

All of that to avoid this:
But I’ve gotten into another repeat…and it’s growing. It’s hard to tell how large it is in the pic…but I figure I’ve got about 38″ along the top edge unblocked so far. Slog…slog…slog.

And in another stunning example of my crap photography skills – here’s how the Psychedelic Squares Afghan is shaping up.
Look Ma! It’s blurry and poorly lighted. You know, it takes effort to take such awful photos. I figure I’ll want about 8 squares across and 10 long…so you can tell I’ve got some squares to go yet.


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