Damn you George Lucas!

September 20, 2006 at 10:18 pm Leave a comment

Well, I did it. I bought Star Wars on DVD…aaaaaaaaaagain. I had the “original” trilogy on tape…but of course, I “needed” it on DVD. The funny thing is, I’m not really a Star Wars fanatic. But I adore the original trilogy. I grew up with it and c’mon, it’s got sexy young Harrison Ford (pre-Callista!)

So let’s see…the Star Wars media I now own:

Original Trilogy – VHS
Original Trilogy – DVD
Enhanced Episodes 4-6 – DVD
Episodes 1-3 – DVD (sure, I’ll probably never watch them again…but gotta have the whole thing, y’know.)

So yep – that’s THREE versions of the same 3 movies. And considering that the “new” original DVDs have the “remastered” version too…I guess that means I really have FOUR versions of the same three movies. Ei-yi-yi.

Damn you George Lucas. I hope you’re enjoying yourself on your Golden Throne of Sinister Domination.


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