Rocket Slime

October 5, 2006 at 8:25 pm Leave a comment

Cute graphics, surprisingly engaging gameplay and traditional controls make ROCKET SLIME a winner for me.


I am surprised at how much I like Rocket Slime. I’ve set aside Starfox (review coming) and Mario Hoops for this little fellow. Sure, it’s cheesy. But really, it harkens back to my video game hayday of bubbly graphics and simple (ie relaxing) adventures. Rocket Slime is comprised of two major types of play.

You spend a lot of time in the “gathering” phase. You bounce/fling yourself around collecting items (treasure chests, flowers, rocks) and defeated enemies (catch it before it falls after you hit it.) Not too fun sounding, I know. But there’s a nice variety of things to collect and the puzzle element of the maps (blowing away leaves to uncover hidden wells, figuring out how to lower a rope to a higher elevation etc) keep you pretty entertained.

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The second major type of gameplay is the tank battle. After you find the tank, you have assorted battles with enemy tanks. All those items you’ve been gathering become your ammunition that you have to bounce around and load into your upper and lower cannons. Meanwhile, the enemy is firing similar items at you. When items collide mid-air, they’re destroyed. The trick is items can be combined before loaded to become stronger and items appear at three different chutes in your tank. So you need to bounce around picking up your ammo, decide if you want to try and combine it and keep an eye on the enemy fire so you can try to block their fire too. It’s surprisingly strategic.


And, I have to admit…after two stylus heavy games, I’m relieved that I can keep that thing tucked away for Rocket Slime. It’s comforting just thumbing around this hokey little land. Want to know more? HERE’S a more thorough review.


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