Homestudy Round 1

February 15, 2007 at 9:44 am 1 comment

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with a social worker?

We had our first homestudy with WACAP yesterday. Karen, the social worker, came over to our house, looked around a bit and asked us some questions. Overall, it was fine. I think we determined she wasn’t a dog-person though, so Audrey got to nap in our bedroom for the 4 hours Karen was at the house.

We were nervous since our house is still a palace of boxes. But at least the bulk of our furniture is in place. And since the house is new and we’ve only been in it for 3 weeks it hasn’t had enough time to get messy/dirty. Really, all they want to know is that the house is safe, there’s a room for the child and that you have what you say you have. They don’t “white glove” anything or open any closets or drawers. In fact, we had to encourage her to step into the rooms. For the most part, she would just peek her head into the room as we walked her around.

As to the conversation…well. It is what it is. I think what you discuss is largely based on who you are. If you note something in your paperwork as being an issue in the past, they’ll probably bring it up and want to know more. Mike mentioned his father’s injury…and Karen asked about how that impacted Mike’s childhood. Stuff like that. It’s intensely personal…but it didn’t feel invasive. Karen has a nice calm demeanor which helped put us at ease. And certainly, as the time wore on, we became more and more comfortable and relaxed. And it was much more of a conversation than I thought it may have been as opposed to some kind of inquisition.

Since we don’t have any children, I thought it would have been quicker for us. I know that if you have kids, the social workers want to meet the kids and possible talk to them a bit separately. In our case, Karen wanted to see our dog to make sure she was well-socialized and fed. Of which, the latter the dog is in spades. But Mike ended up being a talker so I think our chat took a bit longer. They say 2-4 hours is what it normally takes. It took us just under 4 hours.

If I had any advice for people going into the process it is…be totally honest and upfront with everything. You aren’t being judged on how you grew up or what you’ve done in the past (assuming you aren’t a murderer etc.) But I think one of the worst things that can happen during the process is that something comes out during the homestudy that you didn’t bring up yourself from the beginning. These people don’t like surprises.

We gave her the bulk of the paperwork she needed. The big outstanding thing is our medical clearance forms. UGH. It’s not that I mind going to the doctor. It’s just a hassle since I haven’t maintained a relationship with a doctor. So it’s not just going to a doctor. It’s FINDING one. Plus, I think Mike and I are both stressing a bit since we’re over the weight ranges and well…that sucks. We need to try and convince a doctor to maybe write a note that says while we’re overweight…we’re in PERFECT health and blah blah blah.

Wish us luck!


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