All work…no play. But one bitchin’ website.

November 6, 2007 at 4:37 am Leave a comment

Posting has been light lately because I haven’t been crafting because I’ve been working an insane amount. Thankfully, last night I managed to launch one of my big projects. Working in the interactive world is challenging and fun – but man, I’m so tired of 60-70 hour weeks. I think along with some tears and sweat…there is actually some of my blood poured into this most recent project. And I have high hopes that having this site live will be the beginning of the end of my insane work hours lately.

Normally I wouldn’t post about that here. But it’s a cool website AND it’s a website on which you could actually win some cool prizes.


Basically, we developed a program called X Marks the Spot for the Xbox group. It’s an online scavenger hunt. We worked with program partners (ie the cool companies who helped provide the prizes) to make some X’s green on their websites. Then, we wrote clues that (hopefully) lead you to the web page with the green X. You enter that word into the X Marks the Spot website and so on and so forth. There are 10 new clues a day…36 days in the program for a total of 360 clues. (Get it, 360 clues for the Xbox 360 program…clever eh?)

The prizes ended up being pretty awesome. They include a CAR, a trip for 4 to a Beaches resort, lots of games, Xbox consoles, Zune players, and…GUM! Yep…you too can play an online scavenger hunt in the hopes of winning some free Big Red. (Don’t worry, the gum is included with some of the other prizes.) I kind of figured since you (virtually) know me, that might help reinforce that the contest is totally legit (and hopefully fun!)

Check it out:

As rewarding as it is to see a project of mine out there in the real world…I have to say – I’d rather be playing with yarn and fabric.


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