76 UFOs led the big parade…

January 17, 2008 at 4:50 am Leave a comment

Ok, maybe not 76…but you’re getting the drift. One side effect of having all of these projects on the needle is that I’ve had to replace needles when I wanted to cast on for a new project and the needle was in use. Sure, a thrifty crafter would just finish the project or rip it out. But not me. So if these projects ever get off of their needles, I’m going to have a hell of a lot of pointy sticks lying around.

Big Freaking Socks Chances of being completed (if I get yarn): 100%. Chances of me getting the yarn: 45%
I should have put in a pair of regular knit socks in the picture for perspective. These, my dear friends, are some big freaking socks! Trekking XXL. US size 0 needles. 120 stitches per round. US Size 13 men’s foot. OMFG. I made these low rider socks, cuz realistically I knew I’d never finish a higher pair at this size. And if you look closely, you’ll see how darn close I am to finishing these things. Just a cuff away on the second sock…and I ran out of yarn! Gah! I have also come to the realization that my husband will wear these once (when I give them to him) and then never again. The things we do for love.

Small Silk Lace Stole Chances of being completed: 0%
Who knew I could abandon 100% silk yarn? This is Handmaiden yarn…it feels lovely, but I just wasn’t feeling the stitch patten. Even if I wanted to pick it up again, I can’t remember what pattern I was using. And because it’s nubbly yarn, I’m dreading the frogging. But it’s too pretty to waste…a ripping I must go – eventually.

Icarus Shawl Chances of being completed: 1%
My Icarus shawl. I love the pattern, but realized that the highly varigated yarn is just not what I want. I should have known…but I had the yarn in the stash. I got to the point that the pattern repeats got a little boring and the yarn was really showing how it was NOT meant to be a lacy shawl. But that’s a lot of knitting in there! I don’t have another use for the yarn right now so I have a feeling this one will sit in it’s UFO status for awhile as I can’t bring myself to rip it out, but I can’t bring myself to finish it either.

Last day of the parade is tomorrow with UFOs that might actually become FOs!


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We interrupt the UFO parade… It’s like Santa at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

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