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What happened to the knitting?

So a few of you (ok…just two of you) have asked “where’d the knitting go?”

Right now, knitting consists of looking longingly at my UFOs sitting in various piles in my craft room. I love knitting. There’s a Zen-like quality to the soothing repetitive motion. I love the feel of the points hitting my index finger, the way the knit stitches nest into each other, and the smooth feel of the merino sliding through my hands.

But knitting takes time. And time is the one thing I have so very little of. Between work and the baby, I have maybe 1 hour at night before I collapse into bed and I usually try to spend that time with my husband.

So alas and alack, I don’t knit right now. But I sure do miss it. And I miss more than just the knitting. I miss that Zen time and what it represents. Being a mom is wonderful and I treasure every minute I have with my daughter. But my attention can only be divided in so many ways, and (as so many of you understand) the thing that tends to get sacrificed is the attention I give to myself. And both literally and figuratively, knitting represents that “me time” that I don’t have right now.

And look what happens when you knit for baby in advance:
The hat fits her perfectly! Just in time for Summer. D’oh!

And it’s pure decadence that I have a knitting night scheduled with some friends (including two moms-to-be) next week.


May 20, 2009 at 5:00 pm 1 comment

So tempted…

Wow! Little Knits got Koigu in stock!!! And she has a ton of colorways. AND it’s listed for $12.25/skein…which is less than a lot of other places nowadays. (Still freaking expensive considering Shibui – another fave of mine – is usually under $10/skein.)


Since I have, let’s just say – a LOT of KPPM already, I thought I’d share this news with you. If you get some, let me know so that I can stash vicariously through you!

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Lofty goals

Free time now (ie “Quick, the baby is napping!) is dedicated to one of the following things: sleeping (YAY!), showering (how did this become optional?), cleaning (HA!), or leisure (I wish.)

Crafting, unfortunately, falls into the “leisure” category. So while my sewing-knitting-paper time may be drastically low right now, that doesn’t stop me from growing my project want-to-do list. Here are some of my recent list adds…




Simple Modern Baby Quilt from Elizabeth at Oh Fransson
Pear Pincushion from Heather Bailey
Happy Stackers from Heather Bailey

Bunny from Wee Wonderfuls
Mrs Perkins from Melly and Me
Tanglewood bag from Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy

OWLS sweater from Needled
Lillyfield mittens from Jen
Selbu Modern from Kate at Zeitgeist Yarns

Have you made up any of these projects? If so…share with me! I need to find people to craft vicariously through.

January 29, 2009 at 10:34 pm 1 comment

Add this to my wishlist

Forget glow in the dark knitting needles. Toss your squared crochet hooks. THIS is the knitting gadget to crave.


C’mon, how cool is this? We all knew someone would eventually come out with a knitter’s multi-tool. The Knit Kit looks cool enough that my husband would even be impressed.

I love the variety of tools they’ve managed to cram into this thing. I’m sure the crochet hook isn’t the most practical thing for use…but in an emergency, it’ll be so convenient to have one on hand. $20 seems like a good price point to me. Right now I have a little plastic box I carry around in my knitting bag with me. It holds all the tools I need on the go, but it can be a bit cumbersome and it isn’t a tiny box.

I’ll look forward to read first reviews of the Knit Kit. If they made it sturdy enough to last more than a few trips in a purse then it will be well worth the money.

January 28, 2009 at 12:58 am 1 comment

Oopsie Daisy

I’ve decided not to feel guilty about the cadence of my blogging lately. I’m growing a baby in my belly and I’m working a ton – between the two, it’s not leaving a lot of time for fun! This is the last week of my 2nd trimester and I’m feeling pretty good overall. I did just fail my 1-hour glucose test though…so I have to take the 3-hour test for gestational diabetes. Ugh. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t have GD…I love my carbs too much!!! (Which is probably a hint on why I might be susceptible to GD – I know, I know – karma.)

But between the crib shopping and crazy clients I am squeezing in a wee bit of crafting. Of course, it’s baby-related.

The Upside-Down Daisy Hate from Itty Bitty Hats by Susan B Anderson.

This book is so much fun! And since we’re due in the Winter, it’s safe to assume we’ll need lots of head coverings. I have to admit, knitting for a little girl is really fun. Sure, a boy could have an Upside-down daisy on his head, but it just wouldn’t have the same cache, would it?

To keep it soft for baby’s sweet skin, I knit it up in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. It’s snuggly soft and so warm. It’s a super quick knit (as all baby items tend to be) as you just knit a basic little cap (switching colors when you reach the I-cord at the top) and knit the petals separately and sew them on.

The only thing I’m vaguely worried about is whether the rolled brim will make it uncomfortable for the baby to wear the hat while lying down. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Will the extra little bulk there be annoying for the baby’s head?

August 14, 2008 at 2:18 pm 4 comments

Plotz-worthy cuteness

The baby is due in November…and it’s cold in November! So the baby needs hats right?

I have to admit, I think this one is adorable. It’s a super quick knit (except for the casting on of 200+ stitches). The pattern calls Lamb’s Pride, but I figured that would be too scratch for a baby’s head (which may not have much hair to protect the delicate skin.) So this little sweetie is knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran which is buttery soft.


You too can knit the free pattern for Lilly’s Hat from Stitch Marker.

Of course, now that it’s done I worry it’ll be too small. Or too big. Or not clingy enough. Will the ruffles bother the baby when it’s lying down? How big are baby heads anyhow?!

Ugh – this baby-knitting thing is hard!

P.S. In case the girly hat doesn’t tell the story…according to the ultrasound we’re having a girl.

June 25, 2008 at 3:33 pm 6 comments

At long last, the Knit Fix winner…

Using the beloved Random Number Generator…


Comment #16 from Jenna is the winner! Congrats Jenna! I’ll ping you for mailing info and will get the book in the mail (faster than it took me to get the winner selected…I promise!)

In other news…next post will be non-crafty in all regards. But it explains my long absences of late. And the sewing/fabric related give-away will start later this week.

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