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More about crepe and flowers

This is probably more than any of you want to know…but I’m in a rambling kind of mood.

A few people have asked where to find 2-ply crepe paper. To be honest, that’s partly why I wrote up the rose tutorial. I’m hoping more people pick up crafting with crepe paper so that crepe is easier to get a hold of.

As mentioned before, 2-ply paper is really hard to find. Martha Stewart Crafts sold pre-packed 2-ply crepe for a short while in season-themed color packs at Michael’s craft store. But it appears to have been discontinued. (Darn it!) Kim’s Crane store sells some double-sided crepe but has (at last check) a pretty limited color range. I’ve heard FlaxArt sells 2-ply crepe too. I don’t think they have an online store, so you’d have to call for an order.

It’s pretty easy to make your own 2-ply crepe and you can have a lot of fun mixing and matching front and back colors. So I suggest you just go for that. See the “notes” of my crepe paper rose tutorial for quick instructions.

Crepe paper is sold in “folds” and can be most easily found at your local party supply store. It is essentially wrinkled tissue paper. And of course it’s the wrinkles that enable you to shape the paper and have the shaping hold. The beauty of this craft is that it’s inexpensive. You can find crepe folds for $1.00-$1.50 usually.

Dennison and Canson are two of the oldest brands you can find. A lot of vintage paper you’ll find are one of those two brands. In fact, Dennison is the manufacturer that created most of the instructions on crepe flowers (and crepe costumes!) all the way back to the 20’s. Dennison seems to have morphed into Dennefold today. Any paper under those three brands should work fine.

I hate to be negative, but I would say beware the Cindus brand of paper. I’m not sure why it is, but there paper is uncomfortably stiff and less crinkly than others. I’ve found Cindus does not make good paper flowers.

Of course the internet should be a good source. But do your own Googling and you’ll quickly find that it’s not that easy! Crepe paper just doesn’t seem like a hot commodity. I found THIS STORE that has a TON of colors and at a good price. I have NOT ordered from them yet so I can’t vouch for the product. But it’s the most promising online resource for crepe that I’ve found.

If you want to learn how to make a ton of crepe flowers and you don’t want to spend a lot of time crawling the web then you should pick up THIS BOOK. It’s a reprint of some of the original Dennison instructions. The photos stink and it’s just from a reprinter, but it’s better than nothing.

Your next best shot is finding some of the original Dennison books on eBay or in your local used book store. I have a neat little collection of those and that’s where I’m pulling my info from for my tutorials. The BEST books are the Crepe Paper Flower Making 3 book series from the Dennison-craft Home Course set. It was copyrighted in 1926 and I’m lucky enough to have all three books. There are instructions for dozens of flowers from the Azaelea to the Zinnia and a ton of flowers in between.

Dennison went on to publish a number of little books/pamphlets for flower making, but they have a varying number of patterns in them. Moreover, some of the pamphlets don’t even have the templates in them. So if you by on eBay make sure you really know what you’re getting. Make sure the listing info tells you the condition of the book and whether or not the template sheets are included and intact.

And every once in awhile Martha Stewart does a little article on crepe flowers. The best one was in the Spring 2001 Wedding special. It was a multi-page layout with great photos and she gave templates for a number of different flowers.

Phew! I hope this info is helpful to some of you. I’ve spent a lot of time (and $$$) over the past years figuring out some of this stuff so, if nothing else, I hope I saved you some time.


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::Crepe Paper Roses::

And now for something completely different…

I’m drawn to almost any craft that involves a somewhat realistic looking flower as a final product. Hence my foray into French Beaded Flowers (fun…but takes FOREVER and expensive). A quicker, much less expensive, and very gratifying craft is making Crepe Paper Flowers (CPF.)

Making crepe flowers is a classic craft that was popular in the 1950’s. I’ve been surprised by the total lack of good online tutorials or instructions on how to make these pretty flowers. Thanks to eBay, I’ve manage to create a nice little collection of old instruction books on the art. Martha Stewart Crafts also had CPF kits going for awhile, but they appear to be discontinued. I want to spread the joy of the craft with others so I thought I’d create a few tutorials for y’all.

There are two primary methods for making CPF: single petal and continuous petal. Carnations and Daisies are made using the continuous petal method in which you cut long long strips of petals. Peonies, Morning Glories, Tulips, and Roses are made using the single petal method in which you cut individual petals.

We’ll talk about the continuous petal method another day because with Valentine’s Day looming, it’s all about ROSES!

Tutorial below. Let me know if something is unclear. Enjoy!
(Forgive the terrible quality of the photos. I tossed these instructions together in between night feedings for the baby.)


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Color Like No Other

I have high hopes crafting time will be back in my life soon. In the meantime – here’s a little eyecandy to perk up the blog.

Eat your heart out, Sony.



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My first order of Moo Cards. I can assure you, it won’t be the last.



These little fellas are so awesome. The cardstock is really thick and heavy. (Acid and Lingin-free!) The print quality is great. And they’re just so much fun. I’ve seen lots of indie crafters use them as product hang tags. And the Moo blog has ideas on how to use their cards. (You can make stickers too!) I’m using them as handy dandy “calling cards”. But also have grand plans to incorporate them into my paper crafting. I also have a grand vision of the coolest Memory game ever.

The Moo interface is super easy to use. You can upload pictures, or just pull pics directly from your flickr account. They have a little tool that let’s you pick the area of the photo that appears on the card. And you get to add text to the back if you want. A box of 100 is $20. Not too bad at all.

The only two caveats I have for you:
1) The cards printed a fair bit darker than the photo in flickr. So you may want to lighten your pics a bit. Then again, it wasn’t that bad – and so it’s probably not worth the editting effort.
2) Moo is located in Great Britain. And I think they’re in the middle of a postal strike. So my cards took 15 days to get to me. Really, not bad at all…it’s just for immediate gratification peeps like me, that’s a long wait!

I can’t wait to figure out my next set. I’m going to do some playing in Photoshop to come up with some. Imagine…Moo with stylized text as the image, Moo with cool prints or patterns…the possibilities are endless!

October 29, 2007 at 7:32 am 1 comment

Back to the beginning

As this blog has documented my fibery and fabricky craftiness…it may not be clear that I used to be an extensive paper crafter. It was my first craft love and something I want to get back into. And finally after 10 months in our new house, I finally have (most of) my paper crafting supplies out of boxes and set up.

Don’t worry this is just the area around the desk. The photo of the walk-in closet and other stamp shelves will be for another day.

I could lie and say the area will get neater once I have a chance to tidy up. But really, I’m a messy crafter. It’s just the way it is. I know where everything is…really! I admire those crafters who keep a neat and tidy space. A place for everything and everything in its place and so on and so forth. I wish I could be more like those crafters. Alas, I’ve found one cannot successfully battle their inherent level of tidyness. So if you hear a story on the nightly news about a woman crushed beneath the weight of her craft supply collection – you know who it is.

As my inaugural paper crafting activity in the new house I made a pair of birthday cards (father and friend). Fraternal twins…

Clearly, I need to re-ink that green pad. But overall, I’m pretty happy with my first cards in…oh…about 2 years.

Supplies: Memory Box (card), Bazzill cardstock (mat), Versa Magic (ink), Stamps from…some company.

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